Maddy Rager is a dance artist based in Metro Detroit. Her work develops from an involved and often collaborative process to produce movement which challenges both performer and audience to confront past experiences and create room for reflection. Rager is interested in making work that encompasses multiple narratives and intersects with those of her audience while cultivating emotional qualities rooted in movement. Rager uses rehearsals as an opportunity to research movement and explore the possibilities of the body while working closely with her collaborators, which often includes musicians. She has made both site-specific and proscenium dance works as well as various screendances. Rager received her BFA in Dance with a minor in Performing Arts Management from the University of Michigan in 2014. She was selected to perform at the 2014 National College Dance Festival at the Kennedy Center in collaboration with performer and percussionist Chris Sies and was awarded the 2013 Maggie Allesee New Choreography Award from the Michigan Dance Council in collaboration with Nola Smith for their duet Small Victories. Originally from Bellaire, Michigan, Rager graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy in 2010.